The People's Activities and Recreational Queer Center

Important Notice!

Our website is currently under construction. If you notice any bugs, errors, or have other feedback regarding our website, please send us an email at and we will get it taken care of! Thank you for your support!

Mission Statement

We strive to offer sanctuary to  LGBT+ adults, while centering the most vulnerable members of our community. Here are the PARQC, we offer a safe and validating space to ensure that our members survive, thrive, and have the resources and training necessary to advocate for themselves and others.


March  - 2017 - Crowdfunding 
We will begin collecting donations to support one year's worth of operating funds. Our first year of operation will be critical to the long term success of the PARQC, so we hope to get a good start! The success of our fundraising will determine which programs we are able to launch in June, as well as when we will have a physical space.

April  - 2017 - Receiving Applications
With two months of fundraising under our belts, it will be time for us to begin receiving applications! Specifically, we will be taking applications from LGBT+ members who are interested in hosting workshops with the PARQC, as well as taking material requests from the community through our website.

June  - 2017 - Launching Programs
Starting in June we plan to have a launch party, in tandem with Pride season to generate interest and advertise our resources. In addition, this event will include our very first workshop, hosted by a paid member of our local LGBT+ community! We will be showing off our website, including our extensive database of community resources, and taking in more material requests from community members.

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